When does it start? How long does it last?

As soon as you sign up, I’ll be available for email consultation and will send you the course’s first short guide – an introduction to law school exams. Weekly emails and guide distributions begin in earnest late August. Of course, if you sign up later in the semester, I’ll get you up to speed on all materials that have gone out previously.

The course materials and weekly emails will run through late November, and I’ll be available for consultation through your last final exam in the fall semester.

How have your students done in the past?

Many have done extremely well. Students regularly finish in the top 10% of their class and secure offers at big law firms. Students I have worked with in the spring semester have improved to top 10% grades. A few of my students have even been selected to clerk for ‘feeder’ judges!

You can read testimonials from prior students here.

How will an exam strategy course help me?

Most law students never really understand why they got the grades they got – good or bad. I spent a huge amount of time trying to deconstruct that mystery by researching the experience other people had and picking the brains of my classmates and professors. It paid off for me in a big way, and the people I have helped have also obtained strong results.

Professors really do “hide the ball,” and the first year of law school is organized more as a tournament than as an educational system. Law professors (and many lawyers) place a lot of value on first year courses as a sorting mechanism. That is equal parts toxic and silly, but since the belief is out there, there is tremendous value to knocking 1L out of the park. It’s not even that hard, there’s just very little instruction or guidance, so it rewards those who are motivated to deconstruct the system. This course will make sure you’re on the right track from day one.

How much extra work will it be for me as a law student?

Not much! Part of what I emphasize is that furiously studying the law isn’t as important as focused preparation for the exams. To be cliché, the goal is to study smart, not hard. In fact, taking the course might save you time – instead of reading ten hornbooks for each class as an outlet for your anxiety, you will know to concentrate on exam skills. In addition, you’ll be getting my feedback and guidance on your work, instead of working with other 1Ls – which all too often devolves into wasted time and the blind leading the blind.

Will this be private and confidential?

Absolutely! I won’t introduce you to my other students or publish the names (real or on TLS) of the students I’m working with under any circumstances. You can gun for top grades in private – I understand the desire to do well, but not to flaunt your ambition publicly.

OMG that’s too expensive!

I firmly believe my unique skills and background coupled with the importance of 1L grades make this a good value, but I realize not everyone will agree.

The course will probably cost less than you spend on books and supplements your first year, or less than a third of one week of summer associate salary. It’s a lot of money, but I am committed to making it worth it for you.

I’m not a 1L, can I still sign up?

Yes! But please understand that the course is tailored to first year students. The highest value I can provide will be from the focus on learning how to crush law school exams from the very beginning, and many of my materials are written assuming the audience is just starting law school.

Can I just hire you for exam grading or strategy sessions?

Nope! Those are offered exclusively to students enrolled in the basic course, to avoid having to start from scratch on methods and strategies.

I’m not at a U.S. law school, can I still sign up?

No – I really don’t have any idea how legal education outside of the U.S. works (I have had people ask though!)

Do you accept bitcoin?

The answer is still no, I’m afraid. Maybe next year.

This was super long are you done yet?

Yes. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to being your secret weapon this fall!